Mallex Smith joins Michelle Margaux after capping team’s 90th win

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Tampa Bay Rays OF Mallex Smith joins Michelle Margaux after capping the team's 90th win of the season and recaps the season and what he wants to carry over into 2019.

- Alex, you guys start the season with a win here, and you end the season with a win here. How important was it to win this final series and end this season on a high note?

- Well, you know, it's a great moment-- swift change into the off-season. It's uplifting. It's good for the team. It gives us something to build on heading into next year.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: You guys get 90 wins on the season. How do you put this season into words?

- Crazy. You know, we're the only 90-win team to-- not going to get to the playoffs. So, you know, it's been a whirlwind year. So great, great, great year for the team. Great year for each player individually. It was a fun year.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: 57% percent of the innings this season were covered by the bullpen. How indicative was today, and really this season, of what they've been doing all season long?

- Well with these bullpen days, we've had to have a great bullpen, you know, tough. We play in a tough division. And these guys really stepped up. You know, they embraced their role, nobody complained, and everybody just showed up when they needed to.

We really play together well as a team. And hats off to them. You know, that's not easy to do, especially in this division. So big kudos to the bullpen. They were phenomenal.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: You've had an incredible season, a career year for you. What do you most hope carries over to 2019?

- You know, that I just continue to handle myself well with the bat and on the bases, and that I can improve on defense. And then just team camaraderie. Like just continue to build with one another, and learn one another so that we're on the same page moving into next year.

- Awesome, thank you so much. Congratulations on a great season.

- Thank you, very much.