Hassan Whiteside on how offseason training helped him get in great form

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Miami Heat C Hassan Whiteside talks about his Euro-step, 3-point shot, and how offseason training helped him get in great form.

REPORTER: Hassan, your assessment of how things got to you and the way that you were able to impact the game tonight.

- The team was just doing a great job of just running our sets. We've been working on it in training camp, just running the sets, and just finding each other, and making the game come easy to each other.

REPORTER: What do you like most about being able to transfer the work that you've been doing personally from the summertime to training camp? It looked like it popped up in this game.

- I just put in the work, you know, just put in the work. And my teammates was doing a great job of just getting in the paint. They was playing really well. And that's what we're all out here to do. We're all out here getting better every day.

REPORTER: When you look at performances like this, is this something you feel one you can build on? Or is this-- just what do you expect from yourself?

- It's just something that I don't get caught up into it too much. It's just kind of both. I want to build on it, but I also do expect it for myself. There's a couple of plays that I could have made better even still. I could have made three more free throws.

REPORTER: Tell us the little things, though. You were holding your screens longer and little things. Like, you always tell us, don't just look at the numbers. So forget about the box score. The other stuff you did, how did you feel about that?

- I think I did good. I really want to make a emphasis of just me being the hardest screener, a better screener, holding the screens, getting Goran, Tyler, and them guys, getting them in the paint more. And that's something I really want to emphasize. And I think I'm doing a really good job at it, and just [INAUDIBLE]. Coach, he love me on the post-up situations when my feet touch the paint, because the percentages are really high.

REPORTER: That corner 3, it came in the flow of the offense. Is that something we'll see maybe more this season?

- Yeah, of course, I want to see it more. I practice on it every day. And Tyler just found me. I really want to just-- when the fourth man is setting that screen, kind of get out there to that three. I'm already out there at the two. So just getting out there and just taking that shot. And my teammates can trust me with it. I'm going to take it.

REPORTER: And in transition, we'll see a little bit more of the euro slide when you get down to the end there.

- Yeah, I was missing Rudy Gay. You know, that was one of my teammates. I told him I was going to be doing that in transition, and it just happened to be him. It was kind of perfect.

But I definitely want to push the ball more, get involved, not-- even if it's not to push the ball to score, but to push the ball to speed up the tempo, because we all can run. We're all in shape. Let's get up and down. Guys are healthy. Let's move.