Kevin Cash on how Blue Jays limited Rays’ hot bats.

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash talks about how Blue Jays pitcher Thomas Pannone was able to limit Tampa Bay's hot bats.

REPORTER: What did their starter do well?

- He had a lot of-- threw the fast ball really well. Mixed in a couple of slow breaking balls in there. But ultimately, he threw the fastball at the bottom of the zone. He had a lot of carry. The guys kept coming in and saying that out of his hand, it looked like it was going to be below the zone. But it stayed kind of true. And then once he got the two strikes, he was able to elevate some pitches to get some soft contact. He really threw a good ball game for them.

REPORTER: How would you assess Glasnow?

- I thought Glas was fine. I really did. I mean, we got to somehow figure out how to get Tellez out. He's kind of beat us up this series for sure. But other than-- other than, you know, one little blip there, I thought Glas threw another really, really strong outing.

REPORTER: Did Alvarado just not seem as sharp as usual?

- Well he came in and he faced, you know, the teeth of the lineup. And you know, between Díaz, who always hits us pretty well. You know, for the double or the single that was called out in second. And then, Tellez, I don't know what he's seen the ball. He's seeing everything right now. But I thought Jose looked fine. You know, he had four or five days off. At that point in the game, we needed everything we needed to keep it at one. He was the right guy. It just didn't work out.

REPORTER: Just overall, a little disappointing I assume?

- What's that?

REPORTER: Just to lose two out of three.

- Yeah. I mean-- yeah, I mean, the Thursday night game was the frustrating-- we got beat today. I don't know-- we got beat both games. Correct myself. But we kind of felt like we gave one away on Thursday.

REPORTER: Do you think Pannone has some deceptive velocity? It kind of comes in harder than it probably is.

- Yeah. Yeah, you can tell from the swings that 86, 7, 89, whatever it is he's throwing definitely plays up. I mean, you see a lot of guys in the league with that. And then, you know, the perceived velocity. And then you add in, he's kind of got a little bit of a deceptive delivery. It looks like he's got a toe hitch in there that can keep some guys off balance.

REPORTER: Still buy Tommy Pham's story that he's not hot yet?

- That ball was smoked. My gosh. It was loud. Hit really hard. He does. Yeah. You know, he's laying off tough pitches. And when he gets pitches that he can handle, he's doing a lot of damage.

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] the bases loaded, two outs, had the three [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah.

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] two on in the seventh.

- Yeah, I mean, Pham-- look, you know, Tommy's home run threw their pitcher off for a little bit, lost his command, whatever it was. And you know, we got close to jumping on him, maybe separating and a couple, we just didn't. He really threw a good ball game. I didn't see too many mistakes at all on his part.

REPORTER: Do you think with a quicker relay, you might've been able to get Pillar at home, or just quick [INAUDIBLE]?

- Yeah. No. We should have had a-- there should have been a play there. I think we kind of came up. Austin went and got the ball. And I'm not sure where Joey or CJ were positioned. But you want that to come directly to the home or cut off man.