Tyler Glasnow to square off against Thomas Pannone in Game 3 vs.Blue Jays

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Tampa Bay Rays' Tyler Glasnow to take on Thomas Pannone in Game 3 of the series after Rays' Game 2 bounce-back win over the Blue Jays.

- Time for your Web Report, presented by our Gulf Coast Honda Dealers. Neil Solondz and the Big O, Orestes Destrade. The Rays with a nice bounce back win on Friday against the Blue Jays, and now it's Tyler Glasnow's turn on Saturday

ORESTES DESTRADE: Yeah, it's exciting. Because you know, Tyler Glasnow gets the chance to return to a scene of a crime where, you know, Toronto really put it to him. Seven runs in the first inning, knocked him around with some home runs. And him missing with that curveball, slider.

And now he's added, even since that start, more changeups that he's mixed in the repertoire early in the game. It'll be interesting how he matriculates through these hitters, and how they respond, because they were hunting fastball.

I do know one thing, if we can get-- if Tyler does his job, then you got, they have to deal with Blake Snell in game four on a Sunday day game. Right now, it's pretty much Snell and Scherzer that are no joke on a Sunday afternoon.

- Well, we'll see if the Rays can continue to keep it going offensively. Eight runs or more the last three games. We're on the air 3:30 on Saturday.

- AB, happy birthday baby.