Jake Faria looks to even Yankees series in first start since returning from DL

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Tampa Bay Rays RHP Jake Faria looks to even the Yankees series in his first start since returning from the disabled list.

- What's shaking, Rays fans? Inside the Fox Sports studio, alongside Doug Waechter. I'm Rich Hollenberg. Getting you ready for the middle game of this three-game series between the Rays and the Yankees.

Rays trying to even things up after that 4-1 loss in game one of the series. And Jake Faria takes the mound in his first actual start since coming off the disabled list.

DOUG WAECHTER: Yeah. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jake. You know, last time out, I thought his fastball command was really good. His off-speed pitches had really good bite to them, down in the zone.

He should continue that, and continue to get on a roll moving forward. And you see that Thursday matchup. Boy, I can't wait for that. Blake Snell, going up against Tanaka. That is one to watch.

RICH HOLLENBERG: Yes, that is a day when everyone should skip school, call in sick to work. Right?

- My kids are loving what you're saying right now.

- 12:30 is our pregame show on that Thursday. But we have Wednesday baseball as well. You are up to date. For Doug, I'm Rich. Rays up.