Trevor Richards tries to help Marlins bounce back against Braves

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The Miami Marlins have rookie right-hander Trevor Richards on the mound Tuesday night as they try to bounce back against the Atlanta Braves.

- Hi, everybody, and thanks for joining us on the web. Craig Minervini with Tommy Hutton. The Marlins on a Monday night and Monday afternoon. Lose both ball games. Atlanta just was hot. They had 10 hits with runners in scoring position.

- Yeah. You could almost say, Craig, it was the Atlanta Braves winning two game, or it was Ronald Acuna Jr. beating up on the Marlins. A tough day for Miami.

- Yeah. Acuna Jr. hit lead-off homers in both games, keying a 9-1 early win and a 6-1 night cap for Atlanta. We turn our attention though to the ballgame coming up on Tuesday night and the rest of the series Wednesday as well. Here's the match up on your South Florida Honda Dealers Road Ahead.

- I'll tell you what. Since the all-star game, Trevor Richards has had four starts. His ERA is 193. The Braves have never seen his change-up. However, the Marlins are going to have to deal with the Anibal Sanchez. Jose Urena, Kevin Gausman, the newly acquired Brave from the Orioles. He's going to go in that final game of the series.

- Good match-up. Be in Atlanta for the pre-game show. We'll see at 7 o'clock Tuesday night on Fox Sports Florida.