Dan Straily will face off against Corey Oswalt in Game 2 vs. Mets

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Miami Marlins RHP Dan Straily looks to get a bounce-back win for the Marlins as he faces off against Corey Oswalt in Game 2 of the series against the New York Mets.

ANNOUNCER 1: Marlins trying to get back on track. They'll have Dan Straily on the mound to do it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, nice job his last outing, 5 and 1/3, only giving up two runs against the Phillies. Let's see if he can, at least, even this series up against the Mets and Oswalt. You know, he-- June 29th he pitched against the Marlins here, 6 runs in 2 and 2/3. So let's see if they can do that against them again.