Kevin Cash on loss: ‘We weren’t able to get anything going offensively’

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash breaks down Game 2 against the Chicago White Sox, discussing the pitching performance of Yonny Chirinos and Blake Snell, and mentioning they weren’t able to get anything going offensively.

- Like last night, he mixed his pitches really well. His velocity was-- their guy's velocity was down early on, then it picked up there, later. He was throwing 87, 88, and then, all of a sudden, dialed it up-- 93. That probably helped a little bit. But we're just in one of those offensive ruts right now, that we've got guys probably trying to do too much, and we can't piece anything together. And you add that they're throwing the ball well, they're limiting us from scoring runs.

REPORTER 1: Would you say that Chirinos was back to his old self at all?

- Yeah. He definitely looked good. That was the bright spot of the day. The tempo was significantly better. The strike throwing was better. Just one after the other. His velo up, which was nice-- 94, 96. And then a lot of really dive bombing splits that helped a lot and got some strikeouts for him.

REPORTER 1: What did you see from Snell?

- He looked good. All I really cared about was, he got the ball over the plate and he was healthy. And he came out of the game feeling 100%. The strike throwing wasn't, maybe, at his sharpest, but that's to be expected, a little bit, with him getting two weeks off.

REPORTER 2: Games that are this tight, one little play makes a difference.

- Sure.

REPORTER 2: And talk a little bit about how frustrating that can be, when you see that play not being made by the team that usually does make good defensive plays.

- Yeah. Look, we do make good defensive plays, and that one got away. But everything gets added on. Getting doubled up on the bases, getting picked off-- those things, when you're in 1-1 ball games, 0-0, 2-1-- whatever it is-- it does show up. But that's the style that we play. We talk about it every day. We have to do our best to play mistake free. And tonight we didn't.

And I'm not going to say it cost us the game. What cost us the game was that we just weren't able to get anything going offensively. But any time your pitchers-- like last night, they gave up three. Tonight they gave up two. We've got to find ways to win those games.

REPORTER 3: [INAUDIBLE] around here for Carlos?

- That was a good one, yeah. Yeah. He's been getting on me about that I never go out and check on him. But he's as tough as anybody in that room. So I figure it's not needed.

REPORTER 4: It looked like Duff hesitated for a second, like he was trying to read Yonny or something.

- I didn't notice that. I really didn't notice that. He might have. You're just so used to him making every play. But I did not notice any hesitation.

REPORTER 4: [INAUDIBLE] a fast runner, so he [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah, sped up a little bit. Yeah.

REPORTER 4: Do you have a starter for tomorrow?

- It's going to be Wood or Stanek. But no, I haven't figured it out yet.