Kevin Cash on sweep of Angels, status of Tommy Pham

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash breaks down performance from all of the pitchers Thursday, Jalen Beeks getting his first MLB win, and the team's at-bats against Andrew Heaney.

- Well, I mean, good for Jalen Beeks' first win. Obviously, that's probably the story. It's amazing throwing the ball over the plate and throwing strikes can do. So Kyle's a magic man, him and Stan, and Jalen buying in a little bit.

So it was nice to see. Let him get some confidence. He pitched really, really well. Hunter Wood has started it off. He threw the ball really well. It was good to see Diego have a good inning.

You know, he's had some rocky ones here as of late, so having a clean inning was huge for his psyche. And then offensively, just the one big inning really played for us. Their guy, Haney, he's tough. He's even tough from the sides.

It's tough to pick up his fastball. You know, a lot of 92's. I think it's one of those fastballs that sits at 92 but probably plays at like more like 97. It takes you a while to get going. And we had the one big inning.

It all started with Duff and Robbie. Tommy gets hit on the foot, and then CJ with the separator single there, and then added some more runs. But Tommy Pham is fine. X-rays were negative. We'll go day to day with him. I'll check with him tomorrow and see how sore he is.

REPORTER: Is there something about the 4th inning? You scored 14 runs in this series, so in that inning.

- In the 4th? No, I didn't know that. Well, hopefully we can keep that trend up. We'll take runs whatever inning we can get them in. So if the 4th is the hot one right now, we'll make sure and try to get the right guys at the plate.

REPORTER: How much different did Beeks look today from Saturday?

- A little more-- a lot. I mean, a little more settled on the mound. I think once he got through the 1st inning and, you know, on 10 pitches, I believe, and throwing a lot of strikes gave him a little momentum, a little confidence to go back out there. He did a really nice job and I watched a couple of the pitches on the screen and pitched to the edges, but he was on the plate.

And that's his game, and just mixed and matched, and mixed and matched. Had some good curveballs in there that broke below the-- underneath the right. He's kind of back foot.

And the fastball, you know, I think it's one of those-- another one of those fastballs that's got some zip to it that it's got some deception. He kind of digs with his arm and kind of hides the ball, then it kind of comes out.

REPORTER: Hunter Woods got, like, 9 strikeouts in the last 3 and 2/3 innings. Is he doing anything different in his adjustments?

- No, Hunter's got good stuff. You know, you guys talk about keeping guys fresh and asking. You know, I think he's probably, as much as anybody, a guy that can benefit from a consistent workload that's monitored. I mean, you look at him and he probably weighs 150 pounds.

But he's throwing 95 miles an hour, cutting it, big curve ball, and he utilizes pitches well. He knew, you know, we had some opportunities to get some chase at the top of the zone, and he did that and got a couple punch outs from it.

REPORTER: How much of that 150 is hair, you think?

- A lot. [LAUGHING]

REPORTER: But we talked about the arms before the game. You have a little better read now on Beeks. And the two guys you brought in-- they look like pretty good little additions.

- Yeah. I mean, I look at Tyler and Beeks are very different. They look different. Their velocity is a lot different. You'd like to think that, you know, if you get them on the right stretch, they can kind of compliment each other going start-to-start or outing doubting, whatever you want to say. And both of them can be very good, they just get there a little differently.

REPORTER: And then Sergio goes 3 and 0 to start the ninth, then a clean inning.

- Yeah. Sergio is-- he's done a really good job of-- you know, his season didn't start off so hot. And he finished-- he was so good last year for us when we acquired him and it didn't start. But that's what kind of that veteran confidence and that experience allows you to be able to overcome that.

I mean, he's reset and he's been so valuable to us in any role. I think the buy-in that he's given us to pitch him-- whether it was an opener yesterday, it made the most sense probably in the 8th to pitch him. With the teeth of their line up coming up, he doesn't care. He just wants to contribute, and he has in a massive way.

REPORTER: I think the only inning he hasn't pitched in is the 3rd.

- That's what somebody told me the other day. I'll try to do that. Yeah. I'll get him in the 3rd inning before the year's out.

REPORTER: What-- do you know what you're doing tomorrow?

- Stanek will start, and then Chirinos is data, kind of log some work.

REPORTER: And Blake, is that more [INAUDIBLE]?

- Blake will start Saturday.

REPORTER: OK. So it all went well?

- Yes.

REPORTER: And you're getting a couple pitchers lined up here.

- What's that?

REPORTER: A couple starters lined up.

- Yeah. We're going to get through the off day and then we'll have, I think, a little bit more of-- you know, I'm confident Tyler's going to probably start games, and Blake, obviously.