Pablo Lopez takes to the hill to wrap up Marlins’ series against Braves

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The Miami Marlins have rookie right-hander Pablo Lopez on the mound Wednesday night as they finish up their series against the Atlanta Braves.

[DIGITAL EFFECT] - Ready? Welcome to our "Web Report." Later tonight the Marlins will finish out their series in Atlanta. First, a look back at game two of the series. Rain delay, it started about an hour and a half late. And the Braves were able to beat the Marlins, guys, last night, 11-6.

- Yeah, they pounded out 19 base hits. They got a win from a rookie pitcher making his major league debut. They did everything right. The Marlins did a few things right though, too.

- They definitely did. I mean, you can't really fault them. They scored six runs, 11 hits. Just the Braves were just better yesterday. That's exactly what it is. You can do anything. The top four hitters for the Braves ended up going 10 for 19. That's a big game for the top four hitters.

- Do you think Freddie Freeman's going to play?

- Gosh--


- Real quick.

- Three more hits for him. Magneuris Sierra, had three hits, and Isaac Galloway, after 10 and 1/2 years in the minors, 10 and 1/2 years, makes his major league debut with the Marlins and gets a hit in the ninth inning. He arrived at the ballpark in the middle the game. More on that coming up on the pre-game tonight.

Let's look ahead to this match-up for the finale of the series before the road trip moves on to Philly. It's Pablo Lopez and former Marlin, Anibal Sanchez.

- Yeah, Pablo is going to be making his sixth start, coming off a rough outing against Washington, but trying to put things together and be consistent with the fastball and the change-up.

- And Anibal, he's been having a good season so far. He's 5 and 3 with a 3-0. Of course, everybody knows him from the Marlins, throwing the no-hitter in 2006. He's going to be moving the ball around. He's got a change-up, a fastball, a cutter, a curve ball, a slider. It seems like he has everything in his arsenal throwing at you, and he's going to be throwing everything. He doesn't really throw one pitch better than the other

- Marlins trying to find an answer to the Braves. We'll be talking about tonight when we see you at 7:00 o'clock on Fox Sports Florida.