Chris Archer, Rays GM Erik Neander discuss trade to Pirates

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Tampa Bay Rays GM Erik Neander and RHP Chris Archer on trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

ERIK NEANDER: I can't say enough about Arch. You know, you talk about Shields, you talk about Price [INAUDIBLE] that's come through here. And the examples that have been set not just by what they've accomplished on the field, but the example that they've set for younger players. You know, the work ethic, the way he eats, nutrition, everything.

You couldn't ask for someone to give more to their team and their organization to make them the best players they can be.

And then, the community and everything that he has done with his time has been truly incredible and an impact that's going to stay here long after he's gone.

CHRIS ARCHER: It's been a lot of fun, starting with Andrew Friedman and Joe Maddon, and then the transition into where we're at now with Cash and Eric Neander. The one thing they stress here is to be yourself and to have fun. And, for the most part, it's been conducive to success throughout the organization.