Jake Bauers says Yankees’ starter Masahiro Tanaka had an ‘unreal night’

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Tampa Bay Rays infielder Jake Bauers talks about Game 2 against the NY Yankees and mentions Masahiro Tanaka’s unreal night.

REPORTER 1: The play in left field with the ball seemed to drop in front of you, that--

- Yeah. Just got to be caught. Got a bad jump, was playing deep, was playing in left center gap. But you know, the ball hung up for a long time. It's got to be caught. It's the bottom line.

REPORTER 2: What was Tanaka doing that was most challenging to you?

- Keeping his fastball down. Like knee high or up out of the zone. And then to left, he's mixing in his splitter, which obviously is his pitch right now. So. Yeah, no, I mean, just ran into a dude who had an unreal night.