J.T. Realmuto proud of how Marlins bounced back Tuesday

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Miami Marlins catcher J.T. Realmuto says it was good to see the team maintain pressure Tuesday afternoon in a bounce-back win over the visiting Atlanta Braves.

- Yeah, I mean, this is definitely a game of confidence. So any time you have a good a bat your first at bat and do something like that, it just gives you confidence for the rest of your bats.

- Picking each other up, is that what impressed you most about this win today?

- Yeah, that's huge. I mean, responding like that after giving up the two runs and they had-- They kind of had some momentum bringing it back to a one-run ball game, especially after what happened to us last night. So for us to come out and put runs back on the board in the bottom of the fifth is huge.

- J.T., we've talked about it before. You play one of the most grueling positions on the field, both mentally and physically. You didn't really have an all-star break. I know you're happy about that and OK with that, though. So how do you stay fresh in this second half of the season?

- A lot of iced up. That's really all I can do, just try to recover the best I can and just continue to ice, basically.