Baseball from the Beginning web exclusive: Baldelli and Foley on Evan Longoria

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Rocco Baldelli and Tom Foley share what their first thoughts of Evan Longoria were in this web exclusive from Baseball from the Beginning. The new episode premieres July 20 on FOX Sports Sun.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - I got a little funny story. The first day he showed up, the day he was-- I think it was the day he was signing. We were out here-- we had a normal day. We had batting practice. It was a night game, I believe, and we brought our first round pick.

TOM FOLEY: [INAUDIBLE] Dirt bag, right? He showed up here after he got drafted for BP. Could be for the [INAUDIBLE] club. And, you know, we all heard about him [INAUDIBLE] picks, though. So he came in here, and--

- We bring him out. And normally the players don't know too much about these draft picks. And he comes out here and he starts, you know, hitting BP. He's filleting, he's soft, very soft. Fly balls to right field, and next round same thing, and flair and stuff. And that's all I really remember. At the end of the day, that's kind of all he did out there. And we're all looking at each other like, who is this guy? Like we just gave this guy a bunch of money. He's the third pick or whatever in the draft.

- And don't get mad at me. He listened to this long ago. It was one of the worst BPs. It was bad. Because we were expecting a guy to come out here and just drive the ball out of the ballpark. And he was working the ball to left field, and taking nice smooth swings.

- I don't remember if he took any ground balls or not, but we were just focused on the batting practice, and were like, I don't know. We really don't know what the heck is going on here, but I guess we'll give it the benefit of the doubt and see if this guy can play at all. And I guess it was more of us wanting to see more, and he was just being the guy under control and hitting it to left field. So we kind of said, what did we get here? Well, obviously we got a lot. So.

- At the end of the day, that's how he hit BP for basically his entire career. He was not out there to impress anyone. But when the game started, this guy can play. He can hit, he can play third base, and he's just got that really great calm demeanor about him where it feels like he's been through all this many times before. And he's not seeing any of it for the first time, even when he is.