Blake Snell discusses being named an All-Star

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Tampa Bay Rays LHP Blake Snell sits down to discuss b being named to the All-Star Game.

- Congratulations, all star. Obviously, it didn't happen the way you wanted it to. But in the end, you are an all star. This had to be something you dreamt about, and now it's reality.

- Yeah, no, I'm excited about it. I had a feeling that just of what I put together, I felt I made a pretty good case for myself. I felt I'd make it in one way or another. But no, I'm definitely happy and thrilled that like a lot of my family and friends are going to be coming out. So something I've really look forward to for a long time.

So to be able to actually live it and do it and then get noticed in the All-Star Game, which is the best of the best, which, for me, is something that's crazy for me to think of. But I think once-- once I get there and I start seeing all the players and--

How can you not be excited for him and what he accomplished and has done this year? And I think it's pretty cool for him to be able to tell his wife, like, we're going to DC. And I think that's like-- I couldn't put it into words. That's amazing.

Like, he called it. He's like, we're going to DC. That's what we're going to do. And then to see that come true for him, I mean, I couldn't be more excited for him.

INTERVIEWER: Whose brain are you most excited to pick? I mean, you're going to be around the league's best.

- Yeah. Yeah. I was looking forward for Kluber, honestly. So for him not to be there, yeah, it's a downer. But Sale, Ver-- I mean, the whole staff. I'mma talk to everyone.

INTERVIEWER: --most looking forward to? Is it the accolade, the honor, the experience?

- To be able to experience being with the best, the way that everyone's going to be just enjoying the moment and--

[INAUDIBLE] and unfold in front of me is pretty amazing.

INTERVIEWER: Well, congratulations. The entire baseball world was definitely rooting for you.

- Thank you. I appreciate it. And I appreciate the world rooting for me.