Kevin Cash on LHP Blake Snell: ‘It was just one of those days he didn’t have it’

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Kevin Cash says LHP Blake Snell could not get his fastball going in tonight's loss. Kevin Cash on Blake Snell's performance: 'It was just one of those days he didn't have it'

REPORTER: For Snell. Why do you think that is? It was. I think that he just could never get his fastball going. A lot of arm side misses. A lot of up in the zone.

- You got to give credit to the Twins lineup. They had a pretty good approach. They didn't swing. They didn't expand. And they put them in some challenging counts, and for whatever reason, he just wasn't able to make the pitches that we've seen him make so many times this year. His pitch count got up, and he could've kept going, but I think 75 pitches through three innings, that's probably enough given the workload that he's had here recently.

REPORTER: What did you say when you took him out? Was he just fine with it?

- Um, yeah, he was fine. I think he-- he's frustrated with himself a little bit that he wasn't able to kind of correct whatever he was doing. It was just one of those days where he just didn't have it.

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] came in did exactly what he needed to do. What was working so well for him?

- He threw strikes. I think, you know, he attacked his own-- you feel bad. He gives up the home run, but he really did a nice job for us. Picked us up in a big way. But threw strikes, mixed in some sliders, a couple of curve balls here and there, but ultimately, the fastballs, getting ahead of the count allowed him to finish the game for us.

REPORTER: What did Gibson do differently today than what you've seen in the past?

- Well, he didn't walk anybody, and you know, he controlled the count basically. He had a good slider, but he threw a lot of good fastballs early, and then got a lot of check swing two strikes. You know, a lot-- to a handful of guys, I think, you know, he pitched Robbie and CJ pretty tough throughout the night.

REPORTER: How much did Blake warm up the first time?

- No. No. That was a normal start, other than just being delayed.

REPORTER: Think that had to do with anything?

- I don't. No. I think Blake has kind of been through that enough, and I don't think any pitchers should-- you know, if you have to go out there warm up, then sit down, and all that, sure, that comes-- becomes a factor, but the twins did a good job of kind of keeping us informed on start time. So we didn't-- he never started or anything.

REPORTER: He did look a little out of sorts out there. Maybe that's part of what you're saying of not just having [INAUDIBLE]. But he was fidgeting a lot. [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah. More reactive than maybe what we've seen, but I think he was frustrated that he-- he probably knew what he wanted to do. He just wasn't able to accomplish it tonight.

REPORTER: Absolutely nothing physically at all?

- Nothing.

REPORTER: Pitch count, the high volume, the--

- Yeah. I mean, he had 29, 20-- yeah. 75 pitchers over three innings. That's enough.

REPORTER: He had [INAUDIBLE] there still. I guess that says something.

- It does. It definitely does. I mean, we're good at bats. And you'd like to see the ball that Joey hit get through and see what happens, but it just didn't happen tonight.