Blake Snell kicks things off for Rays against Twins

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The Tampa Bay Rays send dominant left-hander Blake Snell to the mound Thursday night for the series-opener against the Minnesota Twins.

RICH HOLLENBERG: Now it's time to get ready for our next telecast. And Blake Snell looks for a baker's dozen before the All-Star break.

ORESTES DESTRADE: Hey, how about that. That would be sensational. A lot of news from Blake Snell. Let's be honest. If he were to just nicely made the All-Star game, we would have been you know, praising him here. But now, he's national news. And people are actually looking at the numbers, Dougie, and going, you know what, ah, they got a point. He is an All-star pitcher.

DOUG WAECHTER. Right. Look at his ERA. Look at his numbers. There's nothing out there that says that he should not be an all-star. It's a foregone conclusion. So hopefully, he can follow this game up with all-star numbers again. Going against the Twins. You know, Twins are struggling overall this season.

You see Jake O going against us. A former face right there in the second game. Berríos in the third game. And then Slegers in the fourth. So it'll be an interesting match-up. I'm excited to see Archer in that third game. See how far we can get him extended out and stretched out.

- Yeah, a couple things that are interesting about that four-pack of games. One is we have three starters in a row.

- How about that?

- When was the last time that that happened?

- For the first time since spring training.

- But also Jose Berríos is an all-star as well.

- Berríos is an all-star. And let's not forget you know, Kyle Gibson is a quality pitcher too even though he's 3 and 6. He's got a great ERA. And then, Jake O is a tough one. This is very though. Those first three games should be very, very interesting.

- Rays riding a hot streak though as they head to Minnesota for the final four games before the All-Star break. And they are four games over 500.