Getting some swings in: Lightning prospects get a break with visit to Top Golf

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In a break from hockey drills, Tampa Bay Lightning prospects got a chance to get some swings in at Top Golf.

- Ah, we came you to Top Golf here today. You know, it's nice to get these guys out and have a little fun. I mean, obviously some have never really played golf, and some play quite a bit. So a little team bonding and something a little bit different.

- It's really fun time to come here and take your thoughts a little bit away from hockey and try something completely new for like a bunch of guys had never been golfing before. So I think this was a fun experience.

STACY ROEST: It's huge. I think, you know, you get to mix them up, mix the groups up a little bit. And you get to laugh and some good shots and some bad shots. And I think that's where you get to relax and get comfortable around your teammates.

A couple of them actually work at golf courses. We found that out today. And they were swinging it pretty good. So a couple of them that's the first time they've ever golfed. And at the beginning, it's a little bit of a struggle. But by the end there, they're making contact, and it was a success.

- These are the good things for the group of guys to get to know each other, like, better and, like, hang out and do this kind of fun stuff. And, I mean, I have been really enjoying, and I bet all the our guys feel the same.