Dan Straily starts for Marlins in series finale against the Brewers

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The Miami Marlins have right-hander Dan Straily on the mound Wednesday night as they finish up their series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

ANNOUNCER: Home run of the year in the fourth inning for the Jumbo Shrimp. All right. Tomorrow's starters here. The series is at stake here tomorrow night.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah. Peralta for the Brewers, and they get a seventh start. Look at the numbers-- 4-1, 2.14 ERA, six innings, one run his last start versus Atlanta.

And Straily has really thrown well over his last two starts-- seven innings, three runs, and in his last start against the Nationals, six innings, two runs. So let's see if he can triple it up.

ANNOUNCER: All right. Well, look for that. That'll do it for us here on our WB Mason Marlins live post-game show as the Brewers take it by the final of 8-4 tonight.