Kevin Cash: ‘It’s nice to see our offense really come to life the last two days’

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash reacts after the 10th-inning walk-off win over the Detroit Tigers.

- It's nice to see out offense really come to life the last two days. That's probably the bright spot what's taken place today. We didn't do our best on the mound, but saying that, we've been on pretty impressive run. So I think the guys are allowed a little bit of a hiccup.

And it was nice to see that the offense was there to pick them up because that happens a lot the other way. And you're not going to go out there and throw shutouts or two-run ballgames all the time. I'm not exactly sure what took place, but whatever the food we ate before the game today, we will not be eating tomorrow.

REPORTER: So what'd you see at the start, at the beginning Archer, he looked a little rusty.

- Yeah, it was surprising. I mean, we talked about his command being so good and in the first two pitches of the game almost hits a guy in the head. So I think rusty's a fair term.


- As soon as he took the mound, we went to-- we had Cleric ready for the left-- for one of the switch hitters or Adduci, just depending on how Shultzy threw the ball. But he was extremely erratic and then he gave up the big hit and the game, 7-3, got close really quick with second and third with one run in.

REPORTER: First inning was pretty quirky too, wasn't it? There were some weird bounces.

- Yeah, we were fortunate. We got some runs. We had some really good at-bats off Liriano, laying off his bread-and-butter, the slider below the zone. We made him bring it up.

And then we had some things go our way on defense. The play in right field certainly did, so it took every ounce of it because it was just one of those nights, just an odd win.

REPORTER: Another good day for Cron.

- Yep.

REPORTER: That's gotta be encouraging to you to do it back-to-back.

- Yeah, cause he had a fairly quiet last month. And to see him do it-- he's been swinging the bat better for us on this entire road trip and then coming back home. Good performance on his part.

REPORTER: You decided on tomorrow yet?

- Stanek will start.

REPORTER: Most of the guy's who threw today could go tomorrow, right?

- We should be fine. With the exception of Wood, everybody's available to pitch. So we've got Andriese than can pitch, we've got Yarbs that can prove some length, so we should be fine in that for tomorrow.

REPORTER: Speaking of Wood, you had said when he came up, you had heard good things about him, you had never seen him much.

- Well, very limited. He's had a couple of really, really impressive outings. He just throws the ball over the plate and lets stuff play. He was 93 to 95 or 96 today. Then he complements it with the cutter that he throws to both, and then that big breaking ball.

But he's not concerned about who's at the plate. He just goes and tries to accomplish his game plan and more times than not, he's gotten big outs for us.