Magic coach Steve Clifford on the additions of Timofey Mozgov, Jerian Grant

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Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford gives his thoughts on the additions of Timofey Mozgov and Jerian Grant and what his approach is to incorporating new players.

- How nice was that?

- You know, good. And I think it gives us additional size at the point guard position and versatility. A guy who has a good defensive element to his game, who is also at an age where he's both experienced and, you know, has a lot of room for growth. So I think that's good. And I think with Timofey Mozgov, he's, again, an experienced player. He's very bright. He's a big body, and he's a much better athlete than people give him credit for. So, you know-- but we'll see. We'll bring them in and start to get to know them.

- A lot of people have thought, with Jerian Grant with a bigger role, I mean his assist to turnover ratio is really good. He puts up good, solid numbers that he can take the step. What do you think he can do for you?

- Well, we'll see. I mean, I think, again, is, you know, you never know a player until you coach him. So, again, like-- I mean, it all starts with, you know, he has the size, the athleticism, and I think natural intensity level, to play against, you know, the better players. And now it's just going to be a question of evaluating, getting to know him, working with him, and hopefully-- again, he's at an age where he could take a step, and you know, that's what plays out in the next few months, or year or so.

REPORTER: Steve, do you envision him sliding in as the second string point guard?

- I'll be honest, I don't-- I don't-- I don't do it that way, you know? I've never coached him. You know, he's never been a full-time starter. I mean, again, like to me, that's all conjecture. You bring him in. You work with him. You see where he's at. And then you make a decision.

DJ Augustin is a very good player. Professional player, he's proven he can play against starters. He's a knockdown shooter. He's a terrific pick-and-roll player. And I have a lot of confidence in the kind of year that he can have. But when we make trades or bring guys in, you're going to find it. I'm not into he can do this, he can do that. Let's get him here, start to work with him, see what kind of worker he is.

Some guys can take off immediately. Other guys take more time. And that's just, to me, that's just the pragmatic way that you should work with your roster.

REPORTER: Watching Mozgov last year, looking at his stat lines, impossible not to notice he played in 31 games, averaged 11 minutes per game, that he's more of a traditional center. Under what circumstances, under what types of matchups, can he be effective in today's NBA?

- I'd say Against other traditional centers. You know, he does, I believe, you know, have the ability to step out and shoot corner threes which I think he's added to his game. But he's a big-- he's a big guy with a lot of body. But that's what I would say, you know, against other teams that play, you know, more traditional guys are probably out-range-shooting centers.

REPORTER: With regard to Jerian Grant's height, 6' 4", how does that impact what your team could do defensively? What options does it potentially give you?

- It's a big plus. I mean, I think, also in today's NBA, because, you know, versatility, being able to play two positions, is important. You know, so at his size, it's possible that he could play both the one and then also play some with DJ in certain situations if he can guard the two.