Isaiah Briscoe on playing with Magic big men Mo Bamba and Jonathan Isaac

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Orlando Magic guard Isaiah Briscoe on playing alongside young big men Mo Bamba and Jonathan Isaac.

REPORTER: A weird thing, you don't think about it, but Mo's screening ability. I mean, he got you open so many times yesterday. He's got JI open. Having him as a screener, how big is that for you guys?

- Amazing, you know. And we haven't even started throwing lobs yet. So, you know, once Mo starts rolling and the big man actually starts coming in to us, you know, I feel like we'll get the lobs there all day. So, you know, I love a good roller. I mean, all point guards love a good pick-and-roll guy. So it's all good.

REPORTER: You were coming off confident yesterday. You know, some-- there have been people question whether you can make the jump shot, earlier. I mean, you weren't hesitating at all. How much confidence do you have, you know, knocking that shot down?

- A lot. All last year, when I was overseas, that was my shot.


- And, you know, it's no different here. I just come here to play the same game, you know. When I went overseas, the first thing I started doing was working on my jumper and getting comfortable with my pull ups.

Cause I know guys are gonna go on there because I'm good at getting to the basket. So, you know, as soon as they start going under, you know, step back, pull up, and, you know, shoot it with confidence. And the rest will take care of itself.