Rays host Tigers as Chris Archer makes his return

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Chrish Archer to start off the Tampa Bay Rays homestand against the Detroit Tigers.

- What's up Rays fans? Inside the Fox Sports studio alongside the big O. I'm Rich Hollenberg, coming off a nice series victory that the Rays produced against the New York Mets, an interleague play. Now they turn the page, head back home, the final series at home before the all-star break, facing the Detroit Tigers, who have been struggling mightily lately. It's going to be a veteran pitching match.

- Yes, it is. Going to be Francisco Liriano, veteran lefty. Doesn't throw as hard as he used to. Now Chris Archer does throw as hard as he should. He should be healthy, rested, and healed up. And he should play off this incredible last run of starters, openers, and relievers for the Rays that have just been the best pitching staff in baseball.

So come on Chris. Keep it going.

- Archer went spectacular in that Charlotte Stone Crabs rehab start. They said they're probably going to limit him to about 75 pitches, but if he manages that pitch count, that could be at least six innings, hopefully around that.

- I'm expecting five, Rich, to be honest with you, and hit around that 70 mark. Our bullpen should be fairly rested after this series. They really didn't get beat up like they did in the Miami series, so give it to the strong bullpen. Let's win a first game.

- All right. You are up to date on Rays baseball for O. I'm Rich. Don't forget.