Joey Wendle on his transition to outfield, late-game home run

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Joey Wendle talks about his home run, transitioning to the outfield and Nathan Eovaldi's pitching.

- Does hitting at the top of the order do anything for you, mentally?

- Maybe. Maybe without me realizing it, a little bit. You know, that first at bat, trying to see some pitches, and then that kind of results in seeing more pitches throughout the game, so.

INTERVIEWER: You made an outstanding catch in the third inning. Diving catch. How much more comfortable are you playing out there now? Because you look like a natural.

- Yeah, I mean, I get more and more comfortable every day out there. And it's my first time playing outside. Been indoors pretty much the whole time in my outfield so. Yeah, I just learn every day. Like I said, I got great people teaching me, so. They're making it as easy as they can.

INTERVIEWER: The offense was quiet the last couple of games, but you guys were able to get it going today. Nathan Eovaldi on the mound and his effort. How important was it to give him some run support?

- Yeah, I mean, Nate's been great all year for us. I mean, he was unbelievable today. Kittredge's at the back end. It's fun to play behind those guys. And we were able to get to them pretty early today and kind of stay on them, so.

INTERVIEWER: What was more impressive to you about Eovaldi? His pitching? Or him being able beat out Cabrera's throw for the RBI single?

- I'm going to have to go with, I might have to go with his pitching. I don't know about his time down to first, but it wasn't anything trailblazing.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you so much, we appreciate it.

- All right, thank you.

INTERVIEWER: Back to you.