Wilson Ramos discusses possibility of starting in All-Star Game, Blake Snell’s remarkable pitching

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Wilson Ramos is very grateful for his teammates' support in his All-Star Game campaign-lineups announced tomorrow. He also breaks down how his 2 RBI today helped the Rays win.

- I'm here with the Buffalo, Wilson Ramos. Wilson, you had two hits, two RBIs. How important was it to get that last RBI single for some insurance?

- Uh, you know, that's very important when we bring some runners in, in the end of the game because we feel more confident in the 9th inning. You know, we get more confident to the closer. So that was a big hit right there.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: We find out the All-Star roster tomorrow. But what does it mean to you to see your teammates supporting you, and pulling for you with the hats, the shirts, everything?

- That made me feel so great, so happy, because, you know, I've been feeling so great. And these organizations and all those guys give me great support, my family, my friends, my fans. So I'm very happy for what decision we'll see tomorrow. But I'm very happy for all the support the teammates are giving to me.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: Snell with another stellar shutout. How crucial has he been to the success of this ball club?

- He's really amazing this year. I'm very excited for what he's doing this year. He makes good adjustments. So I'm very happy for him because he's having a great career, a great year. So hopefully it stays like that for the rest of his career.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: It seems like no matter what this clubhouse and this dugout is always lose. How important has the team chemistry been to the success of you guys the last couple weeks?

- You know, we have to go out here and just have fun. You know, I've told all my guys every day, like don't feel pressure. Just go out there and have fun. You know, that's how we have to play baseball. Baseball is always fun to play. So we don't have to feel pressure. I know we have a really joined team. And we've got a lot of opportunity to win a lot of games if we go out there and have fun.

MICHELLE MARGAUX: Thank you so much. Congratulations.

- Thank you.

- Back to you.