Talkin’ Baseball: Marlins players explain common phrases in the sport

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In this excerpt from Marlins ClubHouse, players explain some phrases that are commonly used in the sport.

[MUSIC PLAYING] REPORTER: What does ducks on a pond mean?

- On a pond is when there's runners in scoring position.

- Runners on base.


- Bases loaded.


- And you really don't want that unless you're hitting.

REPORTER: How do you hit with ducks on a pond?

- Try to drive them in.

REPORTER: Yeah, you've got to try to drive them in.

- Try to get hits.

- And we want to get all the ducks in off the pond.

REPORTER: Are you good when there's ducks on a pond?

- I like to think I am. I like to think I am. You've got to trick yourself, but when they're out there, it makes you really, really want to get those ducks in.

REPORTER: Do you get more excited when we've got bases loaded?

- I think you do, but you try to not get excited. So you try to stay under control, and try to make sure you get pitch to hit.

- Hopefully I can go duck hunting a lot this season.

REPORTER: Chin music?

- A ball up and in to a hitter.

- That means you throw a high and inside fastball.

REPORTER: You do it on purpose?

- Throw a little heat up there.

REPORTER: Do you do that on purpose sometimes?

- No never.


- Never

REPORTER: You don't want to get them out of your house?

- I'm a nice guy. I don't like to do that.

REPORTER: You don't need to do that, right? You've got them.

Do you do it on purpose sometimes?

- Sometimes, maybe.

- Chin music, that's a fastball up and in. Makes you get your chin out of the way.

REPORTER: Yeah, do you get a little scared when you get one of those?

- Little bit, but you've got to get back in there, right back in there.

REPORTER: Does that give you a little bit more motivation?

- I try not to, because it will get you off the game mode, baby. You've got to stay in the game, stay focused. It's a pitcher coming up high and tight.

REPORTER: Stay focused if the happens to you, kids.

- He's trying to get you off the plate. Now he's going to get you with like a curve ball or something right after that. He's going to throw right up underneath your chin. But he's not trying to hit you, though.

REPORTER: Do you try to get up on the plate to hit that curve ball after that?

- Oh, yeah, that's a smart move to do. But then again he could come with that chin music again, you never know.

REPORTER: Keeps you off balance.

- Yeah he's just throwing you off, trying to get you off your game.

REPORTER: What about painting the corners?

- When a pitcher's spotting the ball on each corner, inside and out.

- You're hitting your spots, throwing to the corner, one corner, next corner, catcher doesn't even have to move his glove.

REPORTER: How important is it to paint in the corners if you're a pitcher?

- That's very important, because if it's not there it could be over the fence.

REPORTER: You don't want?

- No, we do not want that at all.

REPORTER: Unless it's your team?

- Unless it's our team, then we want those guys not painting the corners.

REPORTER: Exactly.

- You guys can't see it, but when they dig up the plate, there's a black part of the plate that's underneath the dirt. The term is, painting the black, which is right on the corner of the plate.