After disappointing loss, Marlins try to recover in Game 2 against Nationals

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The Miami Marlins have right-hander Dan Straily on the mound Friday night as they continue their series against the Washington Nationals.

- Craig Minervini, Jeff Nelson. Welcome to our South Florida Honda Dealers a Web Report. This was not a fun night for the Marlins. Well, it started fun. 9-0 lead in the fourth inning. It wound up being-- tying the worst lead that they've ever had, in terms of a nine-run lead. And they lose the ball game 14-20.

- Yeah, that's what happens when you score 13 runs in three innings, the fifth, sixth, and seventh. López had a tough fifth inning, giving up 4. Conley giving up 5 in the sixth. And then Peters, 4 in the seventh. How about Trea Turner for the Nationals. Three for five, two home runs. One of them was a grand slam. Eight RBIs is to help the Nationals snap that five-game losing streak and extend their winning streak against the Marlins to 12 and 0.

- So that nine-run deficit which they had at one point, that lead on Colorado in 2008, matched here with their worst defeat in terms of having a nine-run lead in team history. Here's the match-up, our South Florida Honda Dealers Road Ahead.

JEFF NELSON: [INAUDIBLE] Gonzalez tomorrow night. And that's gonna be Gonzalez' really struggling. Almost a 90 RA in his last six starts. 10 against Scherzer, one of the best righties in the game. And Richards and Roark to wrap up that four-game series.

CRAIG MINERVINI: So the Friday match-up is Straily-Gonzalez, Fox Sports Florida's coverage starts at 6:30. We hope to see you there.