JT Riddle says Marlins had to grind it out this 4th of July

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Miami Marlins infielder JT Riddle tells Craig Minervini that the Marlins bounced-back from last night to grind it out and get the win against the Tampa Bay Rays.

- This particular game-- what are the challenges for bouncing back from such a tough one last night?

- Oh definitely. Basically an eight-hour turnaround, and we're here at the field again. And you know, just come and just grind it out. Just grind it out and you know, try to have good at-bats. Try to make all the plays in the field, one pitch at a time. And just you know, grind away. And we did a good job of that today.

- Any different preparation? Do you eat differently? Do you-- more hyper?

- Maybe a couple more coffees, but that's about it. But other than that, the same preparation goes into it. I didn't change any routine that I've been doing lately. And it works for me.

- And the monkey must be packing.

- I guess the monkey's packing, unless he's hiding behind the wall and gets me on the way in. I don't know.

- All right, JT. Have a good trip.

- All right. Thank you.

- Monkey free? Or monkey see, monkey do?