Jake Bauers: ‘Luckily I mustered up enough strength to swing and something good happened’

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The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Miami Marlins in the 16th after Jake Bauers broke the game up with 2 RBI.

- Bauer's 16th inning. Two on, a two out. How are you able to get a piece of that breaking ball?

- I have no idea. I took some fast balls, and got frustrated that I wasn't swinging. But we were all tired. I was tired, they were tired. Luckily I mustered up enough strength to swing, and something good happened. So we can thank the baseball gods for that one.

INTERVIEWER: Was there a point in this game before your double that you thought the game was going to end?

- Absolutely not. No. I thought we were going to roll right into the next game tomorrow, and I was going to be on the mound at some point.

INTERVIEWER: Longest road game in Ray's history. What was the secret to staying on your game?

- Going back into the kitchen and getting snacks in the middle of the game. I think like the 13th inning I went in and just crushed a bunch of food, just trying to get any ounce of energy I could.

INTERVIEWER: After your walk off last week, you said that was your favorite big league moment. How did the two compare?

- Don't get me wrong. That was fun to win that game, but they don't compare.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you so much for the time.

- Yeah, absolutely.