All about that cape: Marlins digging Justin Bour’s bobblehead

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Members of the Miami Marlins are quite fond of the Justin Bour bobblehead.

- Looks good. It looks good. The chin-- the chin looks like his. You know, I like the cape. Obviously, the donuts on the bat.

- You know, put your donut on your bat, get loose, but it's actually a donut, too you know. All that stuff.

MAN: It's very cool.

- It's pretty good. It's nice and lean. Look at that-- great shape. Well, the cape-- oh, what's this for? Superman?

- Justin Bour's in better shape than everybody thinks he is, so this bobblehead does him justice.

- I like the cape a little bit better than the donuts. You know, I'm not a big donut guy.

- Huge honor. I'm so excited, you know. And my family is excited to have a-- to have bobbleheads. So I'm, you know, very blessed.