Don Mattingly addresses Lewis Brinson’s big night, Sandy Alcantara’s first MLB win

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Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly on Lewis Brinson's improved hitting. He later breaks down Sandy Alcantara's season debut.

REPORTER: Sandy, the excitement of [INAUDIBLE] there getting his first win. And obviously the walks, but he was able to get you through five innings--

- Well, for the first one, we got a kind of a baseline, right? So we get to see where it goes. A little bit wild, right? A little bit trouble with the strike zone. But again, I think being able to get through five, you know, he's still a work in progress, like we said. And I think it's just a good baseline to see how the adjustments that he makes going forward. And I think they'll continue.

REPORTER: What'd he show you in those terms to kind of just not let innings spiral and got out of a few jams.

- No, he showed us the good changeup, I think was a good pitch for him tonight. His breaking ball was-- it seemed like it was OK. But I think the fact that he didn't get too excited, you didn't see a change in the face, he looked like he was having trouble staying dry out there, honestly. His hands looked like he must have been sweating pretty good. But honestly, just a guy starting and you know, for the most part, staying composed out there.

REPORTER: Big play by JT to get the pickoff to get him out of that one inning. That's been a pretty good weapon for you guys. And can you just talk about how you're able to--

- Yeah, it's just a good communication for those guys in the middle. And JT, that's nothing that comes from the bench. That those guys seeing something and communicating while they're out there. So that's just a nice play. You have to give those guys credit in the middle of the diamond for putting that stuff on. But JT's always, you know, he's not afraid to throw. So it's-- it's always fun with him back there.

REPORTER: With Sandy and also with what Lewis did tonight, I know it's only one night but how fun is it to see what the future can-- can be?

- Well, you know, I'm not thinking too far ahead, honestly, trying to keep my-- you know, be where my feet are, in general. And just watching Sandy-- Sandy go.

We've been watching Brins all year long, seeing him to continue. To see him have success and throw a few hits out there, obviously, is a good feeling for him, but us too because we've tried to be patient and continue to help him grow. But knowing-- you know, just seeing Lewis enough now, I think there's areas that we can really-- that he can really take off.

Starlin's hit, because we kind of continue-- two-out-- that two-out hits are kind of daggers, right, in the sense of you know, they have a chance to get out of that jam. It's 2-0 at the time, I think, right? Starlin's hits makes it 3. And then all of sudden, JT hits the homer, you know, behind in the count. Starlin steals the base, too, I think puts a little more pressure on the guy. And then, JT able to hit that, just kind of breaks it open from there. We're, you know, pretty good shape.

REPORTER: For-- as the pitch count was going up for Sandy and everything, to get him through five, obviously you're trying to, but you know--

- No, he was at the end. He was definitely at the end. I don't-- I don't-- I'm not-- I forget. Where did he end? Didn't get to Conforto, right? If he gets to Conforto, it's he's going to be out of there. So he was at the end. So it came at a good time.


REPORTER: Any roster move again for--

- Yeah, we'll move Ben Meyer. We'll option Ben. We've optioned Ben so-- to make room for Pablo.