Mic’d Up: Heads up Marlins, J.T. Realmuto is live

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"You don't want to catch Guerrero? No, he gets on you a little fast." - J.T. Realmuto

JT REALMUTO: I'm mic'd up. Just let everybody know. Don't say anything I wouldn't say. You looked good out there catching between things, like a natural. You don't want to catch Guerrero?

PLAYER: No. I got hit one time.

JT REALMUTO: He gets on you a little fast.


JT REALMUTO: Think you can hit this?

COACH: You think you can get me to swing and miss at yours?

JT REALMUTO: Watch this cut splitty. Oh! Those are great catcher's instinct. You actually tried to block that. How are you enjoying it so far?

PLAYER: Awesome.

JT REALMUTO: Are you doing most of the catching or is Flip still doing it all?

PLAYER: I've been doing most of the throwing to the pitchers and all that.

COACH: When you were saying that--

JT REALMUTO: How handsome I am?

COACH: --Cato was best photographer?

JT REALMUTO: Cato's pretty good. Cato needs a raise. Does Fox have anything to do with that?

COACH: Sure. Big raise.

JT REALMUTO: Does Fox have anything to do with that? Can they hire you?

COACH: $2 per photo.

JT REALMUTO: Let's make it $6 per photo.

PLAYER: You deserve that, kid.

JT REALMUTO: Deeno, what's going on, man? How are you?

PLAYER: How you doing?

JT REALMUTO: Good to see you. JT. Nice to meet you guys. You guys enjoying batting practice or what? You want to come on out here and get some swings in? What happened to deGrom?

PLAYER: I don't know.

JT REALMUTO: Mine must be tomorrow, because Lexi hadn't even gotten the bat and stuff that I'm going to put in there. He likes to go a little extra?

PLAYER: I think so. I'm going to start timing him.

JT REALMUTO: What's up, guys? Don't forget to stop by and bid on my tackle box. My beautiful wife Lexi got some great things for you guys. So get in and bid.