Matt Duffy: ‘Today was just, kind of a tough-fought game by both teams, and they came out on top’

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Tampa Bay Rays 3B Matt Duffy expresses his frustration in the 1-0 loss to the Astros.

- Hindsight, should just got the bunt down second pitch. So you know, obviously frustrated with the result. But had an opportunity to put a bunt down and get a-- I mean, that's-- a safety squeeze is a kind of an indefensible thing if you execute it. And I didn't.

REPORTER: Was the pitch particularly tough to bunt?

- I mean, it was a changeup kind of coming in on me, I guess. But I don't know, I mean, it was right down the middle. So--

REPORTER: You seem to be a little more frustrated with that than hitting it on the screws and having it turn a double play.

- Yeah. I mean, you're going to line out sometimes. That's part of the game. I think, you know, not executing is definitely what I'm most frustrated with. Like you said there, a little bad luck. But if you look at the whole at bat then you know there's-- there's an opportunity there earlier in the at bat to get a run across.

REPORTER: Do you guys, for the most part maybe outside of that, played a pretty clean game tonight. And typically when you have [INAUDIBLE], was tonight just an aberration?

- Yeah. I think we've been playing pretty well lately. Those are the kind of games that we're going to have to play, especially against the best teams. You know, and we just-- they were one run better than us tonight. I think, you know, like you said, we didn't play poorly. McCullers, he threw a good game. And our pitching staff did well. But Marisnick ran into one. That was the difference.

REPORTER: Matt, you guys have lost a lot of one-run games. Is it a tougher way to lose? Is it hard?

- I'd say yeah. I mean, losing one-run game, in my opinion, is a lot harder than getting beat by 10. But you know, it also-- you usually can look back and think of one or two plays, like not getting a bunt down, that you're not far off, which is-- it's frustrating. And it's also encouraging, too. So you try to take the positives out of it. And the things that you can improve upon, you try to go into the next day with that.

So like I said, for the part, I think we played a pretty clean game. And when we have, we haven't lost a one-run game. Typically the one-run games that we've lost, we've kind of been a little sloppy. There's been a little things that we did typically early and middle of the game that kind of led to that one-run loss.

But yeah, I mean, today it was just kind of a tough-fought game by both teams. And they came out on top.