Owen Tippett: It feels to get back out here

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Florida Panthers prospect Owen Tippett on how the experience of his first professional season has helped him as he takes part in his second development camp with the franchise.

- It feels good to be back. A lot of guys probably been waiting for this for awhile. But it feels good to get back on the ice and get back into the groove of things.

REPORTER: Different feeling for you this year having a taste of the National Hockey League, taste of the American Hockey League, different from last year when you were coming right in from the draft?

- Yeah, for all the guys that are returning, they feel a little bit more comfortable. They kind of know what to expect now. But I think that experience, like you said, in the NHL and AHL helped me a lot just to kind of get knowledge on what it's like being a pro each and every day.

REPORTER: For a lot of guys, it's just a one-off during the summer [INAUDIBLE] camp. this is the first of a couple of camps as you come up and try to make the Panthers' roster. Do you see this as the jumping off point for yourself this summer?

- Yeah, I think so. Just like last year, I thought it was a way to make my first impression. And obviously, I'm going to say the same thing this year. Obviously, anytime you come to a camp like this, you want to leave a good impression on them.

REPORTER: Just going back to last year, you played both in [INAUDIBLE] and the NHL. How much did that help you get ready for this upcoming season [INAUDIBLE]?

- I think it helped me a lot. Obviously, it's a different speed than what I was used to maybe in previous years back in Mississauga. But obviously it's great to get experience either way.

- And [INAUDIBLE] has called us into the room a couple [INAUDIBLE] ago. We expect you to fight for a spot at camp this year. What's it like to hear that and know that if you put in the work, the door's open?

- Obviously it feels good to hear that just because it's a goal of mine to crack the lineup this year. And obviously I want to stick this year.

- And you said you came in a lot better shape as well from last year. A lot of guys that come back, that's how it is. But yourself, how much work did you put into getting in better shape, getting that NHL frame ready?

- I put in a lot of work. But I also think a lot of it comes with the maturity. Obviously I'm still growing. And obviously I'm trying to work on my body and be in the best shape I can.

- What do you think about your game really developed over the course of the last year? Some of the notes that they gave you when you left the Panthers, were able to develop those?

- Yeah, obviously when they told me last year they wanted me to develop my my 200 foot game, I really took that back. And I concentrated on that and really put work into it.

- So when you look at this young core group, how much do you feel like you're a part of that?

- I feel like I can be a part of it as soon as the start of the season. Like you said, after Christmas, they kind of took off last year. And they missed the playoffs by one point. And obviously, I want to be able to contribute this year.

- Even though you're not a part of the team yet, Owen, how fired up does it get you as a prospect to see the Panther [INAUDIBLE] right now?

- Obviously it's pretty exciting. You saw what they did at the end of the year last year. And it's great for the hockey club and great for the city of Florida.

- [INAUDIBLE] drills where they were having you demonstrate some stuff did you feel [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, I think so. I think that also comes with experience too. They kind of pick on guys that have been here in the past just because they may be the same drill, or they want you to demonstrate just because you have been here before.

- How much does that [INAUDIBLE] just having a baseline of what these coaches-- like they know you better as a [INAUDIBLE]

- Yeah, it benefits a lot. Obviously, just for me, too, to be able to talk to them, I feel like I can go up to them more. I'm not as shy as I was last year maybe. But it feels good to have that one-on-my face time with them.

- Just in your one-off year working with Denis [INAUDIBLE] or prior to that, what have you seen in his game?

- Really skilled player. I hadn't heard of him much before the draft. But obviously, what I saw today was incredible. He's a great skater, and he can handle a puck really well. He's a really talented player.