Derek Dietrich on his 3rd home run in 3 games, series win over Rockies

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Miami Marlins LF Derek Dietrich stays hot at the plate with this home run and RBI.

- All right, thanks so much guys. Diets, three games here in Colorado, three games with a home run. How much fun has it been to swing the bat here at Coors field?

- Yeah it's, I would say a great place to hit. But more importantly, to get a series win. This is a good ball club. They've, they've been playing pretty well. And so to come in here, and get a series is big. But I was definitely thinking about it.

- A 90 minute rain delay, a lot of runs scored early. You're on the last game of a long road trip. Was this the type of day that took a little bit of extra mental toughness to push through?

- Yeah, you know, I was talking to some of the Rockies guys. And you know, the third day, it's usually the one that starts to get you. Especially the altitude. And I felt like some of our guys felt that. We were talking about it a little bit.

But you know, still to maintain our focus, and prepare to play, and, you know, to come out like, the way we did in that first inning was, was big. We jumped on them. You know, both teams were in the delay. So to just get it going was, was big for the ball club.

- Now you finally head back to south Florida for a nice long home stand. How good does it feel to finally be going home?

- Yeah, we're going to be home for quite a bit. So it's always good to be back in Miami.