Marlins continue to show fighting spirit

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FOX Sports Florida's Paul Severino and Todd Hollandsworth examine how the Miami Marlins continue to show their fighting spirit despite coming up on the losing end Wednesday evening against the San Francisco Giants.

- Listen, it's fun, it's obviously a storyline to follow, all the comebacks with the Marlins and the Giants, and they made it so much fun. And they made it interesting in the ninth inning today. But at the bottom, at the end of the day, the bottom line is, they lost two out of three.

- Well, they did. But I think the way that they've been playing baseball is doable. And I think for the rest of the year, if Marlin's fans are going to say, listen, they're playing competitive baseball over the last couple of weeks, and they do this for the rest of the season, I think people will be pretty thrilled. They're in every one of these games. They're mounting comebacks. They're competing. They've played very well against the National League West. You're on your way to Colorado. Rockies are struggling there as well.

So I mean, there's things that are adding up that are kind of fueling this. I really do believe that momentum will continue on for this Marlins team. I mean, you look at who they are on paper. You see the numbers starting to go up. We've told you about the number of guys that are driving in runs. Rojas is starting to heat back up again. There are things here that are going on that are sustainable.

And I think today was just a classic example of Urena being off in that 6th inning a bit. But overall, this team is playing some of its best baseball. You look at today, you hold your head high in that club house, you say, all right, we lost two or three. But again, we battled back. We found a way to get the tying run to the plate. We had a chance to win this one. It just didn't go our way. That's all you can ask right now with this Marlins ball club. And they're doing those things. A lot of things are going the right way-- the defense, the pitching, the bullpen has been outstanding as we've talked multiple times over the last couple of weeks. And things are starting to add up.

You're not going to always win every game. But again, they're competing every day.