Ryne Stanek opens things up for Rays in Game 3 against Yankees

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Right-hander Ryne Stanek will open things up Saturday afternoon as the Tampa Bay Rays continue their series against the new York Yankees.

HOST 1: We are never going to sugarcoat things on this show. The Rays are now 8 and 27 at Yankee Stadium since 2014. And tomorrow will go down as one of the tougher ways to get a win against Luis Severino.

HOST 2: You're talking about Severino as the ace of the staff. He's 9 and 2 on the year with us. But he got a 2.2 ERA. This guy has one of the most wicked sliders in the game. It's filthy. You're going to be able to see it tomorrow. He also sits around 96, 98 miles an hour. Can top 100. He's got a nasty change-up. He's just dirty top to bottom.

And then you got Sabathia. And you look at Sabathia's records. CC is 4 and 1 with a 3-2 this year. So obviously, those two guys are the main horses for this team and the Yankees. So we're going to have to bring our A-game the next two games to see if we can take those guys down.

HOST 1: Sabathia pitched well in the beginning part of the season. He struggled a little bit as the season's worn on.