Matt Duffy on his walk-off hit, staying consistent at the plate

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Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Matt Duffy tells Rich Hollenberg that he is just trying to have a consistent approach at the plate and that hits like Wednesday's walk-off single are a result of that.

- I mean, Matt, that has to go down as probably the biggest hit of this season for you. How did it feel to get that game winning knock?

- Obviously, awesome. It felt awesome. You know, we had a hard time swinging the bats today. We had some hard hit balls that went around our guys-- but honestly, the last two days. But it worked out there in the end. I took the fastball right down the middle of the pitch before, so just trying to be aggressive.

- You've been the Rays most consistent hitter all season, living at or above 300 most of the season. What's been your approach and what's worked so well that way?

- Just trying to keep it as consistent as possible with the mindset and just looking for a pitch in the middle of the plate, and putting a good swing on it. I think if you do that consistently, then the results follow pretty consistently as well. You're going to have some ups and downs, but just keeping the mind consistent.

- A three-game sweep against an American League East rival-- what does that say about your club?

- That's big, man. I mean, especially with the stretch we got going here in June. It's a really tough stretch, so to get this game today, it's big. I mean, winning the series is always big. But we needed a sweep.