Kevin Cash on Chris Archer’s pitching, loss to Mariners

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Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash on Chris Archer's pitching, loss to Mariners.

REPORTER: --of Archer's stuff tonight?

- You know, I actually thought he was pretty good. The velo was way up. The slider was good.

He had the one inning where I know he'd like to have it back. He gets two outs and then a four-pitch walk to Segura, who's-- look. He's a good hitter. He's hitting .340 for a reason.

So Archer was trying to be careful. But then it just kind of snowballed from there. They had some good at-bats.

So I thought he was good. And I thought the guys coming out of the pen were good. They gave us a chance to keep it close. The bats just went quiet.

Gonzales was tough. He had a really good change-up going tonight and a lot of soft contact by us.

REPORTER: What's the issue with Archer healthwise?

- He kind of-- his groin tightened up a little bit. He said that during the game Suki kind of looked at me-- he'll probably get checked out here in the next day or two, see how it is. I'm not overly concerned right now.

But any time-- I'm not overly concerned just because of the way the ball is coming out of his hand. But it tightened up a little bit.

REPORTER: It seemed like you guys had a little [INAUDIBLE] conversation back and forth. He was arguing to stay in, I assume.

- No. It was more just wanted to make sure that he didn't feel like he has put in harm's way doing anything to alter his deliveries and mechanics.

REPORTER: He's had that situation before where he pitches an overall good game. But there's that kind of one little stretch or one segment where, like you say, a four-pitch walk or something. [INAUDIBLE].

- Yeah. I mean, look. If you're gonna nitpick, you can nitpick the four-pitch walk or making the next pitch behind him. And that was somebody got a single off of him.


- Right. So ideally when you get two outs, the rule of thumb is-- I mean, going back to Little League, college, wherever you want to go. Let the third guy kind of earn his way on a little more than a walk.

But look. At the end of the day, if you're given two, three runs against you, we've got to find ways to win games. Or our bats just kind went quiet.

REPORTER: The Ramos ball there was really no question on when they looked at it. Right?

- No. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely got the call right.

REPORTER: What happened with Stanek there at the end?

- Just think-- either pointer finger or index finger, one of them the ball came right off of. But it was kind of like numbed up on him. But he said he was fine. He threw a couple of pitches.

Similar to Archer, make sure that he didn't alter his arm stroke. He looked fine also. He was throwing 99 miles an hour.

REPORTER: And how come you went to Font there? That was a pretty tight situation.

- I liked the way he was throwing the ball. And we're still with the bullpen and-- you try to balance who's got length available, who doesn't for the next day. All those things go into it.

But I think he's throwing the ball really well for us. We got his pitch count probably a little higher than we'd like. But he looks pretty tough for me.

REPORTER: Yeah. It was just the leadoff home run obviously.

- Right.


REPORTER: You ever seen lose their bat twice in a row like that?

- Oh, he's done that like three or four times this year. s nothing new.