Lightning dominated by Capitals in season-ending Game 7 loss

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FOX Sports Sun's Bobby "The Chief" Taylor examines how the Tampa Bay Lightning were handled by the Washington Capitals in Wednesday's Game 7 loss that brought an end to their season.

PAUL KENNEDY: So elation for Washington, bitter disappointment for the Tampa Bay Lightning. What was the difference tonight in game 7?

BOBBY TAYLOR: Complete domination by Washington. When you take a look at the way they played defensively, it was really something to watch. I mean, it was like, I always talk about they felt like they were playing in seaweed. Well I think they had a double dose of it tonight. Every time the Capitals gave the puck up, they were on it right again. Their puck retrieval was great. They really were on them.

They stuck to the Lightning like lint to a woolen blanket. Especially in that third period, there was no room for them to go. There was no room for them to do anything. The biggest thing was, is that when they got that goal at 1:02 of the first period, that's when things started to really go for Washington. They got their confidence. They were flying high for all that game. It was a big, dominating game by the Capitals in this one.