Kevin Cash on the loss to Boston, Faria’s injury status

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Kevin Cash shares his thoughts on the Game 1 loss to the Boston Red Sox, Jake Faria's injury status.

- Well, it turned out being a better game than maybe what we were looking at when Jake came out of the ballgame. Obviously we did some frustrating things out on the field, but I think overall you got to be fairly impressed with the way the guys put the pressure on, obviously Kimbrel.

But then even Chris Sale, we had some better at bats than what maybe we've had in the past. Just came up short. But Pruitt came in, picked us up in a big way. Stanek found a way to get through that inning and we just kept the score there, for the most part, to give us every opportunity. And had a lot of good at bats right there off Kimbrel, and you know Mallex hits a ground ball, but we had the guys in the right spots.

REPORTER1: Sale didn't seem to be too sharp, but he certainly stayed in command.

- Yeah he did. That's him. I mean I wouldn't say he wasn't sharp. I mean he was throwing 98 miles an hour in the first inning. We probably haven't seen that in a while. But he's really tough. There's no doubt. I mean, his his off night is as good as most best night. So-- and I'm not implying that he was off. The hitters you could probably tell you that. But he still made it very, very challenging.

REPORTER2: Obliques and pitchers are usually not good. What was the situation wiht Jake?

- He's in with some time. We'll get them checked out tomorrow before we announce anything. But in all fairness, he's going to get looked at and then we will have to make a decision.

REPORTER2: Was it something that happened just at the moment on that pitch, do you know? I think it was that pitch. Yeah, I believe. I haven't talked to him. But kind of saw him grimace and we kind of looked at each other like was he mad at himself for the ball went, or did he hurt himself?

REPORTER1: As far as Willy, it wasn't a bad way to make a debut.

- No. It was pretty special for him. It was the home, the at bats, the intens-- you kind of, I know that last at bat he wanted to be in that spot. And I think that's part of what we like so much about him. He looked good on defense. He looked the part. That was-- you know, that's this second guy here recently that has come up, between him and Christian Arroyo that have definitely kind of looked the part with the confidence. And it's good to see.

REPORTER3: --Wilson Ramos also left the game.

- Yeah. He should be fine. You know when he got squared up in Anaheim basically on the exact same spot. I think when he went down to block the ball as his glove got caught on the shin guard, and it kind of left it where his thumb got caught flush. It hurts. And after having it already happened two days ago, for it to happen again, it's probably time for him to get out. But he's confident, even with the treatment so far, that he should be OK tomorrow.

REPORTER 4: You said a couple of things, D. Rob. getting doubled off would be on of them.

- Yeah. I mean that was a little uncharacteristic. You know, I know D. Rob. felt like off the bat it was a double. I can't argue that, but still at that point in the game where the score is, there is not that big a sense of urgency. But you know what, for the most part, we've done some pretty good things on the bases here as of late.