What do Lightning need to do to win Game 7?

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Bobby "The Chief" Taylor has some succinct analysis for what the Tampa Bay Lightning need to do to beat the Washington Capitals in Game 7 on Wednesday.

- The Bolts need to score, here. They've gone close to five periods without putting a pluck in the net.

- Well, their best players have to be the guys that are going to carry the offense. You can't go through a whole game like Stamkos and Kucherove did with but one shot. And not really getting any kind of offense, tonight. Really putting Washington back on their heels. The point line has kind of, suddenly, gone cold. Braden had three shots tonight. But they didn't really get any really dangerous opportunities. That's what you have to do, when you're-- as Brian and Andy were talking about, when you set the tone, getting on them very, very quickly, you're really telling them, we're coming to play tonight. So you better be ready. And they have to maintain that. They just can't do it for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 50 minutes. They got to do it for 60 minutes. This is for the marbles. You've got to go to the Stanley Cup. And waking all the way back, after we're being down 2-0, this should be nothing less.