Ryan Callahan: Turnovers were a big problem for us tonight

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Tampa Bay Lightning forward Ryan Callahan says too many turnovers helped fuel the Washington Capitals attack Monday night in the Bolts' loss in Game 6 in D.C.

- I think we, obviously, turned too many pucks over. That's been the narrative of the whole series. When we're turning pucks over we're fueling their attack. They're a pretty good team. And we were not able to do what we want to do. So that was definitely a big problem of ours tonight. And they jumped on us early and they just kept the momentum going. And we never get it back.

REPORTER 1: Ryan, what can you do to get more second-chance opportunities? You haven't scored in almost 5 periods, since you scored at the beginning of the second period in game 5.

- Yeah. I mean, we've had some good looks tonight. I mean, we had some time in their end. We had some good looks. Well, we made some good saves. Obviously, like you said, you want some second opportunities. But that just comes with having some guys in front of the net, battling for some rebounds, throwing some pucks in the net, getting some bounces.

But I thought we had some time in there end. But, obviously, not clearly enough, you know, throughout the game, and obviously in third period a little bit more. But-- Yeah. I mean, it's time in their end, putting pucks in the net, getting bodies there, that's how you get those second and third opportunities.

REPORTER 1: You've been to a few Game 7's in your career. Is each one a different one, or is there any philosophy that you bring into going to the game like that?

- No. I mean, you enjoy it. Obviously, we don't want to be in this situation. We wish we would have wrapped it up tonight.

But, at the end of the day, game 7's are, you know, a lot of fun. So you enjoy it. This is why you battle for home ice advantage throughout the regular season. And so if you have a game 7, you have it at home.

And, you know, it's not the effort, the outcome we wanted tonight. But, we've got to have a short memory here, turn around, and get ready for a game 7.

REPORTER 2: Ryan, is this even tougher to kind of swallow given how well it seemed like Vasi played again tonight?

- Yeah. He's played well the whole series, the whole season. He definitely gave us a great chance here. You know, especially only 1-0 after the amount of chances they had. Especially In the first period, he made some pretty big saves early. So, obviously, you wish you could help him out more.

But at the end of the day, we can't find one. And they keep coming.

REPORTER 3: Ryan, how difficult or challenging is it to take away when you're focused on Ovechkin and some other guys, Oshie, in the slot there? It's a play they use all the time. As you guys are on the PK, how do you try to--

- Yeah, it's tough. They've got a very potent powerplay. They have for as long as I've been in the league. This hasn't changed much. Obviously, they've slotted some guys in and out. But it's been the same formula for a lot of years. And they're very successful at it. You know?

But, at the same time, I'm happy with they way our penalty kill has been in this series. We've done a good job against them. They're going to get their opportunities. They're going to get their chances. You know, it's a good play by them. Oshie finds a little hole there. And [INAUDIBLE] puts it in the net.

So, you know, by no means is this just on our penalty kill. You know, it's an entire game here.

REPORTER 4: I know [INAUDIBLE] is physical, but [INAUDIBLE] more edge tonight? You see more edge in their game?

- I think they're desperate. You know, play with that desperate hockey. And we should have matched it. And we didn't. They played like their lives were on the line. And then we played like we had another chance. And that's unfortunate. But, you know, we've got to change the script now in game 7.