Rick Bowness on Capitals: We didn’t match their intensity for 60 minutes

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Tampa Bay Lightning associate coach Rick Bowness says a good start for the Bolts was nullified by not matching the intensity of the Washington Capitals for the rest of Game 6 on Monday night.

- Associate coach Rick Bowness joins us. Rick, you guys played a very solid first period.

The goal coming in, match their intensity. You seemed to do that. How did things get away from you in the second?

- Because we didn't match their intensity for 60 minutes. It's as simple as that.

They got very physical in the second period, and we didn't respond. The power play goal obviously hurt us, and we just didn't generate enough to gain some momentum.

But the biggest thing is when they got physical that we didn't respond. Our intensity level was not where it needed to be, and it was not where it should have been. It was not where it was in the first period.

- You've got a short time to turn around here for game seven. How do you build them back up and get back to playing your game?

- You get into these situations, man. You've worked all season long. The fundamentals that we play and put in place, the principles we put in place, the systems, everything-- now you've got to come and play.

And you've got to come and play with a lot will, a lot of want, and a lot of intensity, and let the chips fall where they may. But it's certainly going to have to be a whole lot better than what we saw tonight.

- You changed lines late in the second period, early in the third. A lot of different combinations. Did you see something there that might carry over, in terms of a spark?

- I don't think so. We didn't score any goals.

I don't know. I guess that'll be something we'll have to discuss later on as a staff.

But we got shut out. Simple as that. We didn't make it a very difficult night for Mr. Holtby in the net. That was a pretty easy shut out, regardless of what the chances will tell you.

There weren't a lot of grade A's. There weren't a lot of second, third whacks at it.

Not nearly enough. Again, that'll be something we'll have to discuss before game seven.