Daniel Robertson breaks down his grand slam

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Tampa Bay Rays SS Daniel Robertson talks about hitting his first career grand slam.

- Hero of the game. You hit your first career grand slam, and in your hometown. How special is that?

DANIEL ROBERTSON: I'm still dreaming to be honest. Just sitting here talking in front of the fans and stadium, in front of my family and stuff, it's crazy. Just happy to help a team win.

- You were smiling ear to ear when you were rounding the bases. Where does this moment ring for you?

DANIEL ROBERTSON: I literally couldn't believe it. There's definitely an angel with me, pops up there. And I just can't thank the Lord enough for putting me in this position. And just to do it on the stage in front of a couple hundred friends and family, and just to help our team get a chance to win is still a dream. It's a dream come true. I can't even put it into words. It's awesome.

- With this victory, you guys just hit 500. When you look back to the start of the season, how much resilience has this team shown?

DANIEL ROBERTSON: Just great. Come to the field every day ready to play. No matter, you know, hot winning streak or, you know, couple of losing game, losing streak. These guys bring the energy every day. It's fun to be a part of.

- Third year Romo gets his first career start, strikes out the set, then Yarbrough comes in, shut him down to maintain the lead. How much fun was that to watch?

DANIEL ROBERTSON: Yeah, awesome for Serg to go out and do what he did that first inning. And then Yarbrough, you know, controlled the game from there. He looked awesome. It's easy to play behind him when he's, you know, pounding the zone. And, yeah, really happy with the way those guys threw the ball, and, you know, we scored runs at the right time.