Lightning need all hands on deck for Game 5, top players must make presence felt

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The Tampa Bay Lightning need contributions from all four lines if they're to move on; top players must make their presence felt.

- Andy, let's talk about the Lightning's depth. It was a big subject in the first two rounds here as far as the match-up with Washington. How do you think it's faring?

- Well, obviously, they're getting contributions from everybody, and going into game five, they're going to need all four lines to contribute. Whether it's offensively or defensively, you saw John Cooper using the Paquette line a lot more, start of periods, end of periods. You know and then you know we're going to get contributions from the Stamkos line. I thought Brayden Point's line has done an adequate job defensively, and they're chipping in offensively.

So when you're getting depth from all four of your lines and you're getting goal scoring, it's tough to defend. So I think that's what they're going to have to do going into game five is continue to have contributions from all four lines.

- So the depth is there. We know the experience is there. It's gotten them through a couple of tough games here in Washington, Brian, but you still have to have the guys who can be the difference maker.

- Game breakers-- you have to have game breakers. For sure, you have to have that balance like Andy was talking about a moment ago, but you have to have guys who just have that sense of being able to make big plays. Steven Stamkos has got six goals in seven games now. He's got powerplay goals in four consecutive games. That kind of stuff is invaluable. You just have to have it if you're going to go all the way.

Brayden Point's been miraculous at times. He's got 11 points in his last eight games. Those guys are game breakers. Then you have Alex Killorn, who has had a history in the playoffs of doing some great things, comes through with the critical goal. That's a game-breaking goal. Literally, it broke Washington's back here tonight.

And Victor Hedman, who comes through with all kinds of points, did not get a point tonight but roamed the ice again and was magnificent. And of course, Andrei Vasilevskiy, I mean, that's game-breaking goaltending, because he broke Washington's back, some miraculous saves. Your goaltender has to win some games, steals some games for you in a series if you're going to win. This was one of them.