Lewis Brinson on his progress this season

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Miami Marlins rookie outfielder Lewis Brinson discusses having the confidence of the manager Don Mattingly and how comfortable he continues to get at the plate, despite hits not coming with a lot of frequency yet.

REPORTER: Donny said that he'll keep backing you no matter what. How comfortable do you feel out there right now? And you feel it coming together?

- Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Like I said, my hit had good stuff today. You know, slider was working better than it was in LA. Got us all off balance, you know. The name of the game. That's how baseball goes.

But you know, I know, you know, Donnie and all those guys are helping me as much as they can, and I'm, you know, working as hard as I can, twice as hard as I can to get, you know, right at the plate, you know, make some couple hits together, help the team win.

But I feel good. I felt definitely a lot better than I did first month. So I'm putting together some good at bats. And you know, like I said, off to Atlanta, and you know, hopefully we can take a series there.

REPORTER: What is it like to have the confidence of your manager, when he says, look, we're done having meetings with him and all that. We're just going to let him, you know, get it. You know what I'm saying?

- Yeah. No, it feels good. It feels good. You know, just go out there and let me play.

They know-- he's, you know, preached to me many times that, you know, he knows I can hit. Saw it in spring training, saw it last year. You know, from afar, obviously, last year, but you know. And I-- he knows that, you know, I know that I can perform up here and do what I need to do, and you know, be productive. So to have that, you know, that back up that motivation behind all those guys, back there, front office and down, feels good, feels comfortable.

And you know, I'm going to work twice as hard, you know, for me, and for them for backing me up. And you know, I'm going to get it. I'll get it together. I'll be all right.