Steven Stamkos on Game 3: We needed to play desperate

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Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos says the team played desperate in Game 3 and then was able to weather the storm against the Washington Capitals.

REPORTER: Captain Steven Stamkos joining us here, and-- Stephen, you got this thing turned around. You got that lead, and you made a good first period stick. Just a huge win here in Washington to get on the board.

STEVEN STAMKOS: Yeah, we nee- we knew we needed to make some adjustments. I thought we did a really good job of that, and we needed to play desperate. And, you know, we weathered their storm. We knew they were going to come out pretty hard in front of their fans. And we weathered that, and then we went to work. We won the special teams battle today. Our goaltender was fantastic. And I thought we defended first, and that was big.

- Won the 5-on-5, too. You got that lead, your game started to come back, and it seemed like, by the end, you're really in sync in all situations.

- Yeah, we knew that was in an area that we needed to improve upon from the first two games, was 5-on-5. Switch the lines up a little bit. You know, sometimes it's just a-- just a little tweak that-- that sparks something. And you know, like you said, we got two 5-on-5 goals, and that was big, so hopefully, we can build on this.

- You've been scoring goals game after game. You got points in 11 of the 13 playoff games. But the power play, really clicking. Tell us how important that was, and how you scored that first goal.

- Well, we had some really good looks. Again, I thought we made some good adjustments, finding some seams, and getting a lot of shots. That's what you need in a power play. If you're not going to score, you need to create momentum. And finally, I was able to get one off there after some-- some time in their end, and it was a big goal for us. We-- we see it as a challenge. They got a great PP over there as well, and we know it can be a difference in games, and tonight it helped us for sure.