After day off, Marlins send Wei-Yin Chen to mound for opener vs. Dodgers

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After having Monday off, the Miami Marlins send left-hander Wei-Yin Chen to the mound for the series opener against the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers.

- All right, up next for Miami, the LA Dodgers will be coming. Now, they've been struggling. The Marlins did beat them in that series, two games to one. That got them started on that four-straight series winning streak.

JEFF NELSON: They have. And then it's going to kick off on Tuesday, just mentioned the off-day that I think the Marlins needed. Wood against Chen. Chen looking to bounce back. Over his last two starts, he's really struggled. Buehler and Smith in that second game.

The Dodgers 16 and 23. They're fourth in that NL West. And they've lost three in a row going into today. There you see the numbers on Wood-- 0 and 3, hasn't won a game, 3.60 ERA.

And Chen really got banged up in his last two outings-- 13 runs in seven-- just seven innings in those two starts, the one against the Reds and also against the Cubs. So he's looking to bounce back and put it together for the Marlins.

- And on this Mother's Day, Wayne was telling me that it was his mother who really was behind his career. His father didn't want him to play baseball.


And his mother was behind his career and a big reason-- I'm sure he was thinking about her then and he will be thinking about her on Tuesday.