Lightning dominated by Capitals after 1st period in Game 2

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FOX Sports Sun's Paul Kennedy and Bobby "The Chief" Taylor examine the Tampa Bay Lightning's lopsided loss to the Washington Capitals in Game 2 on Sunday night.

- All right. 4-2 the final in game 1. 6-2 tonight. What was the difference? What happened this evening?

- Well, it was just a complete domination by Washington. They were even better in the second game than they were in the first game. The Lightning did not answer what Washington threw at them very well.

I thought after that first period when they got the two powerplay goals that, you know, it might have slowed down a little bit more of the aggressiveness of the Vancou-- of the-- Vancou-- Washington Capitals, but they didn't. It got even better. It was just-- everything that they did in the first game, they did it again here in the second game. And they just were quicker on the puck.

They were faster and won a lot of the battles. Their passing was better, and they shot the puck every chance they got. And they got a couple of goals just by shooting it on the net.